Prosocial Programs

ONE BINGE Video Drama

We just completed a short film called ONE BINGE. Eventually we would like to produce a series of at least 5 short films that address the issues at-risk high school and college students face like binge drinking.

The film is at

This is a story of a 18-year-old African American college student  (Clarissa – Jayda Williams) whose life revolves around the next party. Several times two loyal friends (Ethan Tejedor and JaMarkis Daniels)  try to get her to clean up her life, “drinking and drugs are not your friends, you’re messed up for real,” says one of them.” Eventually, she meets a shady character named “J” (Josiah Stewart) who gives her an unnamed pill, “it can be whatever you want it to be, baby” that causes a reaction with her already destroyed liver and she goes into convulsions and dies at the last party. There is a surprise ending – a story of choices.

ONE BINGE was shot at 4K using an iPhone 7 with FilmicPro, a Beastgrip Pro stabilizer and a Moondog Anamorphic Lens. Editing was done on  Final Cut Pro X on an early 2015 MacBook Pro.

Never Too Late Radio Drama

Objective: To reach Thais with felt need messages using a dramatic entertainment-education radio methodology.

Background: Thai people are heavily involved with soap opera type radio and TV programming. One of the key research findings in a 2000 study done in North Thailand and the 2002 Bangkok study is that radio is a prime medium that Thai people use.

Project Summary: Using the medium most used by Thai people, local radio, this dramatic radio project is reaching all 76 provinces of Thailand with felt need messages in dramatic format. Topics for the series of 25-minute dramas were chosen based on research, addressing problems within Thai society deemed problematic by Thais – debt, budgeting, AIDS/HIV, raising children, husband-wife relationships. It is already in process and has resulted in many letters some of which say the NTL is the only radio drama that deals with family issues!

Implementation: This project is in process. Personnel involved in strategy and script development included Professor Daniel J. Henrich and Gerald Davis along with Thai writer SomkitB. Thai producer Manop Moonsri has been the key liaison with Gathip, a commercial radio production group that records the scripts and distributes them as part of the programming they sell to AM & FM stations in Thailand. Over 31 radio stations aired the first 30 episodes of NTL and many are repeating it as letters are still being sent to the follow-up address.


  1. The use of a staged follow-up process with cell phone text messaging as well as email and snail mail ensures that listeners are drawn into the programs and identify with the characters.
  2. Both printed materials based on the wisdom books will be used as well as text message wise sayings of the day
  3. Establishment of radio program listener groups that will become community support groups discussing the felt need issues addressed in the drama.
  4. Original music is being recorded that is becoming popular and much requested by listeners.

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