Board of Directors

Handclasp International Board of Directors

Daniel J. Henrich (President and Senior Media Strategist)

30 years experience in the communication field, with the last 15 years involved with the strategic use of television and video in the Two Thirds World. Founded Media Technology Resources in Nairobi, Kenya as a self-supporting media support group. Workshops in writing & development video production conducted in five African countries, as well as Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, The Philippines and India.

Paul Verhagen (Director)

Production Specialist, WCET-TV, Ohio. BFA University of Cincinnati, Broadcasting. Has installed language dubbing studios and trained staff in Nairobi & Cairo. Freelance audio engineer specializing in televised sporting events, video conferences and industrials.

MarySue Verhagen (Director)

Health care and educational specialist

Gerald Davis (Director)

Media consultant with Communication Resources, a division of Handclasp International and living in the USA.

Christine Henrich (Financial Director and Research Associate)

Financial controller for HCI & its projects in Asia. BSc Accounting & Finance, United States International University-Africa (CUM LAUDE). MA in Media Research. Media Research specialist.

HCI International Advisor/Consultants (Nationality-Location-Organisation)

Professor TN Mohan (Indian-USA-Oakwood College)

Dr. Chuck Pollak (USA-Sharing International-Blue Ridge Radio)

Carol & Calvin Conkey (USA-SE Asia-Create International)

Stan Jeter (USA-Global News Alliance)

Advising Team

Mr. Glenn Carlson (USA-Germany-ERF)

Mr. Dan Wooding (British-USA-ASSIST)

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